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Janry's Calvin Klein

03/16/94 - 05/20/07
Calvin, my first dog, came to live with me in May of 1994 and from that first day, changed my life forever.  He is that special  dog that introduced me to all the joy that sharing life with a canine companion can bring....my "Heart Dog, my Novice A" dog, who discovered agility with me when he was 6 years old and soared to being among the top 25 agility corgis in the USA one year later. 
Calvin was retired from agility unexpectedly in April of 2004 due to contracting a horrible, life-threatening tick-borne disease, Ehrlichia equi.  Calvin came close to death twice in 2004-05, but both times won the battle.

UPDATE: Calvin lost his brave fight to live in the early morning hours of May 20th, 2007. Calvin now joins his breeder, Henry Dancosse, in Heaven.  Thank you Jane and Henry, for allowing this amazing boy to be part of my family.
Rest in Peace, my good boy.  We will meet again, mommy loves you so very much.

Click here to read an article by Deborah Harper about this terrible disease  (first published in the Corgi Cryer, magazine of the Mayflower PWCC)

Here's another link to a great site with a good resources and info about Ehrlichia
Click here for an awesome picture of Calvin with all his winnings....
Calvin got around in his last year with help from his cart from Doggone Wheels, Inc.
He's just as cute going as he is coming.. ..from this picture it's not hard to guess why corgis have earned the nickname "bunny butt!"
Sometimes, we got brave and venture into the breed ring. And sometimes, it pays off.  Here's Calvin, taking Herding Group I Veteran  in November 2003 in Springfield MA.
March, 2007

Happy 13th Birthday Calvin!!
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