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We are the NJ HERDING Gang (formerly a Corgi gang), but things happen, such as Swedish Vallhunds and a Border Collie. :)
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2013 Holiday Greeting


Skippy acquired Double Q #20 on October 13, 2013 at the Burlington County Kennel CLub agility trial for his Second Preferred Agility Championship...his THIRD Champion title....so proud of my boy!
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Calvin, now at the Bridge, just loved those tunnels!  Click here to visit Calvin's Webpage -Devil Dog Joshua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Here are the  Royal brothers...
Prince Karl and Prince Oscar!!!
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<-----Eva, our crazy Kookie Border Colllie.  Need I say more!
Look at Ellie clearing that jump!Click here to soar to Ellie's Website
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Sally clears the jump with ease......click here to jump to Sally's site!!!!
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And this is Jenny <3 <3 <3  ---->